Introduction to CNC wire cutting machine

Time:2020-07-03 06:46:00

The numerical control wire cutting machine tool found that the instantaneous high temperature of the electric spark can make the local metal melt, oxidize and be corroded, thus creating and inventing the electric spark machining method.

At this stage, a current is formed between the two boards. It leads to countless collisions between particles, forming a plasma zone, which soon rises to a high temperature of 8000 to 12000 degrees. Some materials are melted on the surfaces of two conductors instantly. At the same time, a bubble is formed due to the vaporization of the electrode and the dielectric liquid, and its pressure rises regularly to very high.



Then the current is interrupted and the temperature drops suddenly, causing the bubble to explode inwards. The power generated throws the melted material out of the crater. Then the corroded material recondenses into small spheres in the dielectric solution and is discharged by the dielectric solution. Then, through the monitoring and control of NC control and the execution of servo mechanism, this discharge phenomenon is uniform, so that the workpiece can be processed and become a product with the required size and shape accuracy.