How much does Changzhou wire cutting cost per square meter

Time:2020-05-22 01:17:53


Changzhou wire cutting production is very common in current production and processing. In the process of calculating the price, the processing area is usually used for quotation. So people often ask: How much does Changzhou wire cutting cost per square meter? However, in the process of online cutting, there is a rule that if the thickness is less than 20mm, the processing cost will be calculated as 20mm. If it is greater than 20mm, it is calculated according to the actual object.

The price of wire cutting is calculated from the working hours: the processing cost is calculated as 5 yuan per hour for ordinary fast wire cutting with the thickness of less than 500mm, and 8 yuan for wire cutting with the thickness of more than 500mm; 10 yuan per hour, 8 yuan per hour if the slope is less than 5 degrees, and 12 yuan per hour if the slope is more than 5 degrees. 15 yuan per hour for medium wire.

The price of wire cutting is calculated from the area: 0.3 yuan per square meter for conventional fast wire production (note: if there is a large slope and complicated processing procedures, it will be calculated separately). In general, 1 yuan per square meter is used for medium wire laying (note: in case of complicated processing methods, the quotation can be appropriately increased).

Wire cutting is divided into fast wire cutting and slow wire cutting. Ordinary wire cutting is generally calculated according to the wire cutting area, and the workpiece height is also high, so the corresponding price will be high. The price of slow wire cutting is about 10 times that of ordinary wire cutting.

In Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, the cost of slow wire walking processing is generally 60 yuan per hour (average cutting efficiency is 40-60mm/min), but the cost of mold cutting with higher accuracy is 80 yuan, because once scrapped, the cost of materials needs to be paid.

1. Single piece or small batch processing

Wire cutting processing fee=(cutting sectional area/1200) * 5 Note: 1 hour wire cutting 1200 square mm, the general fee is 5 yuan.

2. Mass production: the price can be slightly lower than this standard

Processing time calculation: required time=processing sectional area/(1200-1800), note: 1200— 1800 is a parameter that can be adjusted, but most of the processing will choose the median of 1500, so the price of mass processing can be obtained by multiplying the hourly processing cost.

For fast wire, it can be 0.01 yuan/mm, 0.005 yuan/mm and 10 yuan/hour for processing.

One cutter for slow wire cutting is 0.03 yuan/mm, two cutters for slow wire cutting are 0.038 yuan/mm, three cutters for slow wire cutting are 0.045 yuan/mm, and four cutters for slow wire cutting are 0.055 yuan/mm.

In the process of wire cutting quotation, there will be some differences in how much wire cutting costs per square meter because of different regions or materials. If we quote according to the market price, there will be some errors more or less. Therefore, in order to accurately quote, operators need to conduct multi-party calculation in fixed practice to obtain a scientific and accurate quotation.