• How to solve the abnormal noise of WEDM?
    The technology of WEDM machine of wire walking manufacturer in China has been very mature up to now, and the technology level has reached a higher level. However, it is unavoidable that the wire handling management system of WEDM will show some abnormal noise due to unreasonable application process.
  • Brief introduction of power supply mode of CNC wire cutting machine tool
    According to the timeliness of the components of the wire cutting machine tool, the heat treatment process is reasonable, and the high-precision post production processing and installation promote the wire cutting machine tool to have excellent precision and precision maintenance characteristics.Par
  • The first operation tips of medium wire cutting machine
    The medium wire cutting machine has certain regulations on the size of the workpiece to be processed. The medium wire cutting machine is not a full-featured processing machine, which is related to the size and travel arrangement of the CNC lathe itself. We will explain the processing technology and
  • Key points and precautions for wire cutting maintenance
    Key points and common problems of line cutting maintenance1. The operator must understand the actual operation technicality of the wire machine. Before starting, the operator should drip oil to the relevant positions of the machine tool according to the lubrication regulations of the machine equipme
  • Classification of pulse generators for wire cutting machine tools
    The high frequency pulse power supply of wire cutting CNC lathe is composed of pulse generator, promotion stage, power amplifier and DC stabilized voltage power supply, etc., and a part of it. The wire cutting pulse generator is the single pulse source of the high frequency pulse power supply. The p
  • Machining Principle of CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool
    The basic principle of CNC machine tool wire cutting CNC lathe: it uses electrode wire (molybdenum wire, tungsten molybdenum wire, etc.) as the electrical level of special tools. Under the action of single pulse power supply, corona discharge is generated between the electrical level of special tool
  • Reasons for wire breakage of medium wire walking WEDM
    1. Tightness level of molybdenum wireIf the molybdenum wire is loosely installed, the strong vibration of the molybdenum wire will not only lead to wire breakage, but also immediately damage the surface roughness of the workpiece because of the vibration of the molybdenum wire. However, the molybden
  • Quality Control and Improvement Measures of Wire Cutting Machine Tool Manufacturers
    1. Properly select the main parameters of medium wire laser cutting, scientifically arrange the laser cutting line of medium wire, and pay attention to the fixation of the workpiece for medium wire production and processing.2. Before production and processing, the medium wire walking WEDM machine to
  • Application environment requirements for medium wire cutting machine tools
    Middle wire feeding is one of the applications of CNC lathes. When it is applied, there are certain provisions for the natural environment. The key aspects are as follows:1. Choose a site that can accept the components of CNC lathe. If even the components of equipment cannot be accepted, once the eq
  • Introduction to CNC wire cutting machine
    The numerical control wire cutting machine tool found that the instantaneous high temperature of the electric spark can make the local metal melt, oxidize and be corroded, thus creating and inventing the electric spark machining method.At this stage, a current is formed between the two boards. It le
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