The first operation tips of medium wire cutting machine

Time:2021-09-24 04:07:03

The medium wire cutting machine has certain regulations on the size of the workpiece to be processed. The medium wire cutting machine is not a full-featured processing machine, which is related to the size and travel arrangement of the CNC lathe itself. We will explain the processing technology and process of the medium wire cutting machine.

In the middle wire cutting process, most of the appearance design has carried out four laser cutting processes. After that, the workpiece is compressed and dried with air, and then the inner hole of the burr is cleaned with alcohol solution. Then, the metal material with a thickness of about 0.3mm that has been grinded by the CNC grinder is stuck to the burr with adhesives or liquid instant glue, and then a part of the embedded butt joint of the workpiece is cut by the laser according to the original four offsets.

Safety operation process of medium wire cutting machine tool:

1. Turn on the main switch power supply, manipulator switch, 24V stepping motor driven power switch and high single pulse power switch of the CNC lathe.

2. Open the high frequency switch on the wiring motor, water pump and control panel.

3. According to the scale of the engineering drawing and the specific situation of the workpiece, calculate the coordinate point symbol program, pay attention to the clamping method of the workpiece and the diameter of the molybdenum wire, and select an effective entry direction.

4. After processing, the high frequency single pulse switch of the closed CNC lathe, the centrifugal water pump switch, and the closed coarse closed wire storage cylinder switch should be started in sequence. If you need to hold the brake pedal, just press and hold the main power switch button.