Brief introduction of power supply mode of CNC wire cutting machine tool

Time:2021-10-08 04:02:43

According to the timeliness of the components of the wire cutting machine tool, the heat treatment process is reasonable, and the high-precision post production processing and installation promote the wire cutting machine tool to have excellent precision and precision maintenance characteristics.

Part of the wire cutting motor control is controlled by a frequency converter, and the inductor changes phase, which greatly slows down the embrittlement of electronic devices and is beneficial to the long-term rapid laser cutting of wire cutting machine tools. The characteristics of high voltage power supply with narrow duty cycle and large electric flow, stable commutation of wire cutting motor and meticulous production, processing and installation of each part of mechanical equipment ensure the surface quality of laser cutting products.

High frequency power input and frequency conversion sampling of wire cutting machine tools generally include the power input method of wire storage cylinder, wire rack and wire stopper.

1、 Power supply method of wire storage cylinder for wire cutting

The feeding of the wire storage cylinder is completed according to the high-purity graphite brush at the end of the wire storage cylinder management center axis of the wire cutting machine tool. The negative stage of the high-frequency pulse power supply is connected to the high-purity graphite brush. The torsion spring ensures that the high-purity graphite brush is in close contact with the bearing end cover, and the management center shaft can rotate, so that the high-purity graphite brush can still be in good contact after being damaged.

2、 Feeding method of wire frame of wire cutting machine

Generally, there are two ways to feed power into wire cutting wire rack: immediate feeding of tower wheel and feeding of conductive column.

(1) The tower pulley shall be powered on immediately. This method is beneficial to reduce the kinetic energy consumption of the high-frequency pulse power supply of wire cutting machine tools and reduce the external impact. In order to reduce the friction torque between the wire cutting guide shaft tenon and the power inlet position, the conductive pot structure can be selected. The wire cutting guide needle can be made of stainless steel plate, while the pot is made of organic glass plate.

(2) Wire cutting conductive column feeding method. The conductivity column of this type of power supply method is generally made of cemented carbide cutter. The upper and lower arms of the fixed wire cutting wire frame are close to the wire cutting tower wheel. According to the contact between the wire and the electrode wire, the conductive column of wire cutting will cause pipe trench due to charge discharge erosion. Therefore, the contact position between the conductive column and the electrode wire should be adjusted continuously and appropriately to prevent the electrode wire of wire cutting machine from being stuck.