How to solve the abnormal noise of WEDM?

Time:2021-10-15 04:05:33

The technology of WEDM machine of wire walking manufacturer in China has been very mature up to now, and the technology level has reached a higher level. However, it is unavoidable that the wire handling management system of WEDM will show some abnormal noise due to unreasonable application process. So, in what direction?

1. The dynamic balance of the fan blade or the rotor of the WEDM motor will show abnormal noise.

2. Abnormal noise of the tooth belt or transmission gear of the WEDM machine.

3. The thread conveying cylinder of the WEDM machine bears excessive load force to the threading ball screw, resulting in friction or knocking sound, showing abnormal noise.

4. The application of coupling in the moment of phase change of WEDM.

5. When small metal material particles or molybdenum wire heads enter the wire carrier of the WEDM machine, the dirt in the wire carrier will make a noise.

How to determine the manufacturer of wire cutting machine tools, the key is to compare the production mode and production scale.

(1) Production mode: the whole machine manufacturer can reasonably control the quality of each production and manufacturing process, while the assembly type production and manufacturing can not control the essential quality of the CNC lathe and the whole production process. Because the main organization of the CNC lathe in this type of production mode is the production and manufacturing of CNC system software, which is conducted by other manufacturers, At the present stage, capitalist countries use this kind of social methods to produce and manufacture more complicated goods.

(2) Production scale: too small business scale is very easy to eliminate in the fierce market demand, and there is no overall strength in product research and development and independent innovation.