Classification of pulse generators for wire cutting machine tools

Time:2021-09-10 04:06:55

The high frequency pulse power supply of wire cutting CNC lathe is composed of pulse generator, promotion stage, power amplifier and DC stabilized voltage power supply, etc., and a part of it. The wire cutting pulse generator is the single pulse source of the high frequency pulse power supply. The pulse width of Taizhou wire cutting is tI, the single pulse spacing is t, and the single pulse frequency f is explicitly adjusted by the pulse generator. There are many kinds of pulse generators for wire cutting CNC lathes, and the key ones are as follows:

1. Crystal triode multi series resonant pulse generator. This clock wire cutting pulse generator is a typical multivibrator composed of triode BG1 and BG2, diode D6, resistor R2-R6, resistor W1 and its wire cutting capacitors C2 and C3.

2. Taizhou wire cutting single junction crystal triode pulse generator, which is a sawtooth wave generator composed of single junction crystal triode BT, power capacitor C3 and resistor R1-R3.

3.555 integrated integrated ic pulse generator, which is a multivibrator composed of 555 integrated integrated ic, etc.

4. The pulse generator is designed with a single chip microcomputer.

All kinds of special pulse generators for Taizhou wire cutting are just manufacturers. Even if the same Taizhou wire cutting manufacturer, the machinery and equipment products will be different. The promotion stage and power amplifier are used to expand the differential signal sent by the pulse generator, while the wire cutting power amplifier is used to expand the differential signal given by the promotion stage, It provides the required single pulse working voltage and current for the corona discharge when cutting between the workpiece of wire cutting CNC lathe and molybdenum wire. Try to get enough charge discharge kinetic energy, which is convenient for wire cutting to carry out cutting production and processing smoothly.

1. The X - and Y-axis motors can be optionally equipped with reaction equation servo motors or communication AC servo motors:

2. Taizhou wire cutting excellent finish cutting precision;

3. Taizhou wire cutting excellent sprinklers follow the characteristics of molybdenum wire;

4. The resin sand casting and two times of high temperature heat treatment process are selected for the medium wire cutting machine body, which reasonably controls the bed shape variable of the wire cutting CNC lathe;

5. High precision linear slide rails imported from Taiwan, China, China are used. The CNC lathe is equipped with imported or famous Chinese brand high-precision ball screw, which can maintain the precision of mechanical equipment of the wire cutting CNC lathe for a long time;

6. Taizhou wire cutting applies the high voltage power supply with pressure resistance, unobstructed and constant current power supply to carry out production, processing and cutting, which makes the processing process indicators such as cutting efficiency, surface roughness, molybdenum wire consumption and so on take the lead in China;

7. Taizhou wire cutting adopts constant voltage source with small duty cycle and large electric flow to carry out production, processing and tool repair, which greatly improves the reliability, consistency and processing technology index value of several times of Taizhou wire cutting;

8. Select accessories, and refit grating ruler digital display ruler. The same tracking shows that it is beneficial to the workpiece cutting of Taizhou wire cutting products.