Machining Principle of CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

Time:2021-09-03 04:08:48

The basic principle of CNC machine tool wire cutting CNC lathe: it uses electrode wire (molybdenum wire, tungsten molybdenum wire, etc.) as the electrical level of special tools. Under the action of single pulse power supply, corona discharge is generated between the electrical level of special tools and the processing workpiece, and the flame safety channel creates a lot of heat in a moment, melting and even vaporizing the workpiece surface. According to the fitness exercise of XY base plate and UV base plate, the wire cutting CNC lathe enables the electrode wire to exercise along the predetermined movement track, so as to achieve the goal of processing the workpiece.

CNC machine tool wire cutting is an excellent processing method that cannot be lacked in mechanical equipment manufacturing. It has the following characteristics:

1. The basic principle of electric erosion is used for processing. The electrode wire and the workpiece do not contact directly, and the interaction force between them is not large. Therefore, the deformation of the workpiece is not large. The electrode wire, tooling and fixture do not need too high compressive strength.

2. Immediately use the strip electrode wire as the electrical grade, instead of making special electrodes, which can save the design scheme and product cost of electrical grade.

3. Capable of processing workpieces with complicated appearance that cannot be processed or cannot be processed by traditional drilling methods. Because the CNC machine tool spark discharge wire cutting CNC lathe is a data automatic control system, it is only necessary to customize different management programs to process different workpieces, and it is easy to complete automatic technology processing for different workpieces. It is very suitable for processing complicated parts, parts and trial products in small batch production, with short processing cycle time.

4. Four axis linkage is selected to process parts such as finish, upper and lower profile.

5. In traditional turning, milling and drilling, the strength of the NC blade must be greater than the strength of the workpiece, while the electrode wire of the CNC machine tool spark discharge cutting CNC lathe need not be harder than the raw material of the workpiece, and can process raw materials with high strength or too brittleness that cannot be processed or cannot be processed with general cutting methods. The electrode wire used as the NC blade does not need to be grinded during processing, which can save auxiliary time and NC blade cost.

6. The immediate use of electricity and energy for processing can facilitate the adjustment of the main processing parameters (such as pulse width, spacing, and current) that endanger the processing precision, which is beneficial to the improvement of processing precision and the completion of mechanical automation in the whole processing process.

7. The working fluid is emulsified oil of water purifier, which is low cost and not easy to cause fire accidents.

8. Non conductive raw materials cannot be machined by spark discharge cutting.

9. Compared with general cutting processing, metal material sludge load of wire cutting processing is low, so the processing cost increases, and it is not suitable to process a large number of parts in a simple way.

Security Practice

1. Before starting the CNC lathe, the following work shall be done well: check whether all parts of the CNC lathe are intact, whether the lubricant is in good condition, and whether all wiring is connected. Whether the console works well in X and Y directions and whether the winding drum works well.

2. When installing the workpieces, it is also necessary to ensure the safety problems. Place the workpieces to be cut on the operating platform and fix them with pin screws. When cutting all female dies, the workpieces and the operating platform cannot touch the wire rack. The molybdenum wires should be installed over the embedded holes on the workpieces and can be cut after alignment. The workpiece shall be clamped stably, the pre tightening force shall be sufficient, and the surface shall be checked to see if it is vertical.

3. When cutting the workpiece, first run the thread rolling cylinder, then press the thread feeding button, restart the working fluid motor after the tower wheel rotates, and open the working fluid valve. If the vehicle is parked during cutting or the machine is shut down after processing, be sure to connect the frequency converter, disconnect the high-voltage power supply, then turn off the working fluid pump, and finally turn off the thread rolling cylinder motor after the working fluid on the tower wheel is thrown off.