Key points and precautions for wire cutting maintenance

Time:2021-09-17 04:05:55

Key points and common problems of line cutting maintenance

1. The operator must understand the actual operation technicality of the wire machine. Before starting, the operator should drip oil to the relevant positions of the machine tool according to the lubrication regulations of the machine equipment (the lubricating grease must conform to the provisions of the machine tool instructions).

2. The operator must understand the wire cutting processing technology, properly select the main parameters of production and processing, and operate according to the actual operation order of gold coins to avoid common faults such as wire breakage.

3. After using the hand-operated handle as the wire storage cylinder, pull out the handle immediately to avoid injury caused by throwing out the handle when the wire storage cylinder rotates. When loading, unloading and handling electrode wires, pay attention to avoid electric grade wires from pricking your hands. The replaced waste silk shall be placed in the dialog box of gold coins to avoid safety accidents such as electrical short circuit fault, electric shock accident and wire breakage caused by infiltrating into the power circuit and wire feeding system software. Pay attention to avoid wire breakage and impact of transmission equipment caused by inertia force of screw barrel. Therefore, when shutting down, press and hold the termination button as soon as possible after the phase change of the wire storage cylinder.

4. Before the production and processing of workpieces is announced, it should be confirmed that the workpieces have been properly installed to avoid hitting the wire frame and damaging the ball screw, nut and other drive system components due to over travel.

5. The internal stress of the workpiece shall be removed as far as possible to avoid the explosion of the workpiece during the whole process of laser cutting. The protective cover shall be installed before production and processing.

6. Flammable, combustible and explosive objects shall not be placed around the machine tool to avoid safety accidents caused by spark discharge caused by insufficient supply of working fluid.

7. When maintaining the machine tool, machine tool components, high-frequency pulse power supply and automatic control system, the switching power supply should be properly disconnected to avoid electric shock accidents and damage to circuit components.

8. Check whether the grounding protection of the machine tool is reliable, pay attention to whether the components are powered off, and select the power switch in case of electric shock as far as possible. Turn on the power supply hand of the production and processing switch, and do not touch the two output terminals (bed and workpiece) of the single pulse at the same time by hand or by hand with special electrical tools to prevent electric shock.

9. Do not press the power switch or touch part of the electrical appliance with wet hands. Avoid working fluid and other conductive substances from entering part of the electrical appliance. In case of short circuit fault of the electrical appliance, disconnect the switching power supply first, and immediately use carbon tetrachloride and other suitable fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. Do not use tap water to extinguish the fire.

10. When shutting down the machine, first stop the high-frequency pulse power supply, then stop the working fluid, let the electrical level operate for a period of time, and stop the wire feeding after the wire storage cylinder is in the opposite direction. After the work is completed, turn off the power supply of the main switch, clean the operation platform and tooling fixtures, and lubricate the machine tool.