Application environment requirements for medium wire cutting machine tools

Time:2021-08-26 01:49:42

Middle wire feeding is one of the applications of CNC lathes. When it is applied, there are certain provisions for the natural environment. The key aspects are as follows:

1. Choose a site that can accept the components of CNC lathe. If even the components of equipment cannot be accepted, once the equipment suffers shock or impact, it will not only damage the equipment, but also continue to generate risks.

2. If you choose a site with small temperature change, the equipment itself will cause a very large amount of heat. If the temperature change is very large, the service life of the equipment will also be greatly damaged.

3. Choose a site without dust. If there is too much dust, the ball screw of the equipment will be damaged. The middle wire is controlled by the computer. If the dust enters the computer hard disk, the hard disk will be damaged.

The medium wire cutting machine has certain regulations on the limit of the production and processing of workpieces. The medium wire cutting machine is not an all-purpose production and processing equipment, which is related to the limit and travel arrangement of the CNC lathe itself. We will explain the production process and production and processing process of the medium wire cutting machine.

In the middle wire cutting process, most of the appearance designs have been laser cut for four times. After that, the workpiece is compressed and dried with air, and then the inner hole of the burr is cleaned with alcohol solution. Then, the metal material with a thickness of about 0.3mm that has been grinded by the CNC grinder is glued to the burr with adhesives or liquid instant glue, and then a part of the embedded butt joint of the workpiece is cut according to the original four times of offset laser cutting.