Quality Control and Improvement Measures of Wire Cutting Machine Tool Manufacturers

Time:2021-08-27 04:15:05

1. Properly select the main parameters of medium wire laser cutting, scientifically arrange the laser cutting line of medium wire, and pay attention to the fixation of the workpiece for medium wire production and processing.

2. Before production and processing, the medium wire walking WEDM machine tool queries the electrode wire. The support force of the electrode wire is also very harmful to the appearance quality of the production and processing workpieces. For workpieces with high production and processing appearance quality, the support force of the electrode wire should be improved as much as possible under the premise of continuous wire.

3. The raw materials of the workpiece shall be selected according to the specific appearance quality.

4. Inquire about the overturning of the wire cutting tower wheel. If the overturning is not good, replace it. Be sure to carefully inquire about the harm and stain level of the upper and lower nozzles, remove the dirt with cleaning liquid, and often inquire about the direct condition of the wire in the wire storage drum. Excessive wire consumption and defecation will endanger the processing accuracy and appearance quality. Be sure to inquire about the damage of the conductive block.

5. In the process of wire cutting, various main parameters should be adjusted to good conditions to reduce wire breakage.

The role, specifications, models and dimensions of CNC lathes must be clearly defined according to their own commodities and production. It is very easy for customers to ignore the provisions on the future development trend when selecting models. If the company's own development trend elements are not considered only for the moment, then repeated project investment will certainly occur in the near future. Therefore, when selecting models, it is necessary to have a global concept and a vision of development trend.

The second is how to determine the manufacturer of wire cutting machine tools. The key is to compare the production process and production scale.

(1) Production process: the whole machine manufacturer can reasonably control the quality of each production and manufacturing process, while the assembly type production and manufacturing can not control the essential quality of CNC lathes and the whole production process. Because the main organization of CNC lathes in this type of production process is the production and manufacturing of CNC system software, which is conducted by other manufacturers, At the present stage, capitalist countries use this kind of social methods to produce and manufacture more complicated goods.

(2) Production scale: too small business scale is very easy to eliminate in the fierce market demand, and there is no overall strength in product research and development and independent innovation.