• Three Elements of NC Wire Cutting Machine Tool Selection
    When purchasing CNC wire cutting machine tools, three aspects can be considered: first, whether the machine body can meet its own processing requirements, and how about the quality of the machine. The second is the numerical control system. There are many kinds of numerical control systems, and
  • Your machine tool has done; Warm up?
    Do you have such experience when using CNC wire cutting machine for high-precision machining: when you turn on the machine every morning for machining, the machining accuracy of the first piece is often not good enough; The accuracy of the first batch of parts to be machined after a long holiday
  • Guide to the safe use of CNC wire cutting machine tools
    The staff of the CNC wire cutting machine tool must be very familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool, master the relevant operating procedures of the machine tool. When installing parts, they must place the parts to be cut on the installation platform, and then use th
  • Operation Method of CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool
    Now, CNC wire cutting machine tools are in high demand in China. With regard to the operation of wire cutting machine tools, operators also have high requirements for the operation line of the cutting machine because of the need to use electricity. It is necessary to be trained to be on dut
  • What are the types of CNC wire cutting machine tools?
    CNC wire cutting machine tool is a branch of EDM, which is a process method that directly uses EDM for processing and processing. It mainly uses electrodes to cut metal on various workpieces, so it is called CNC wire cutting machine tool. It is a cutting process that uses digital control to achieve.
  • How much does Changzhou wire cutting cost per square meter
    Changzhou wire cutting production is very common in current production and processing. In the process of calculating the price, the processing area is usually used for quotation. So people often ask: How much does Changzhou wire cutting cost per square meter? However, in the process of onli
  • What should be paid attention to when using the medium wire cutting machine?
    The medium wire walking WEDM reduces the error caused by material deformation and molybdenum wire loss through multiple cutting, so that the processing quality is relatively improved. The processing quality can be between the high-speed wire walking machine and the low-speed wire walking machine. Le
  • How to increase the machining rate of the medium wire feeding machine?
    The middle wire walking machine tool is the processing method of die parts. It needs to carry out reasonable process analysis and correctly calculate the wire path of the middle wire walking molybdenum wire, which is related to the processing accuracy of the die. Because the middle wire walking is t
  • What are the particularity and processing conditions of WEDM?
    WEDM is mainly used in mold manufacturing, and is also increasingly widely used in the processing of templates, cams, forming tools, precision small parts and special materials. Now let's take you to know the particularity of WEDM and the conditions required for processing.1、
  • What will happen to the surface machined by CNC wire cutting
    What changes will happen to the surface machined by CNC wire cutting? What changes will happen to the surface machined by wire cutting?In the process of WEDM, the surface will undergo ionization, thermal melting and cooling, so the surface structure will change. From surface to order coating, hot me
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