Guide to the safe use of CNC wire cutting machine tools

Time:2020-06-10 08:00:13


The staff of the CNC wire cutting machine tool must be very familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool, master the relevant operating procedures of the machine tool. When installing parts, they must place the parts to be cut on the installation platform, and then use the pressing plate screws to fix them. At the same time, they must strictly abide by the machine tool operation and maintenance procedures and safety rules.

1. Safety and fire prevention measures

If you are not the designated staff, you cannot use the machine tool equipment at will, and the operation room must be equipped with various safety and fire prevention measures.

2. Work to be done in advance before starting the wire cutting machine

3. Check whether all parts of the wire cutting machine are in good condition, and adjust the level of the machine regularly. Lubricate the machine tool according to the lubrication regulations of the manufacturer, and add enough lubricating oil. Of course, the working fluid tank of the wire cutting machine tool must also be filled with oil-water saponified liquid to keep the machine clean. Check whether the joints between the pipes in the machine are firmly connected.

4. Check whether the connection between the control system and the wire cutting machine tool is well connected, and whether the input signal inside is consistent with the moving direction of the carriage. After that, adjust the high-frequency pulse power supply.

5. Check whether the horizontal and vertical travel of the worktable of the wire cutting machine is flexible enough, especially when the ball cylinder carriage moves back and forth, and then drag the thread rolling cylinder carriage to the position where the travel switch is in the center of the two gear plates of the machine tool. In order to avoid wire stripping caused by the thread roller carriage punching out of the line when the wire cutting machine is started.

6. If you want to turn off the screw barrel motor, you must drag the screw barrel to the center to turn off the power supply. Do not turn off the reversing switch, otherwise it is easy to move the screw barrel carriage due to inertial action, which will cause the molybdenum wire to be broken. In serious cases, it will also cause the screw rod nut to fall off. Check all the conditions mentioned just now, and start the machine after confirming that they are correct.