Operation Method of CNC Wire Cutting Machine Tool

Time:2020-06-10 07:54:52


Now, CNC wire cutting machine tools are in high demand in China. With regard to the operation of wire cutting machine tools, operators also have high requirements for the operation line of the cutting machine because of the need to use electricity. It is necessary to be trained to be on duty. Although the WEDM machine tool belongs to semi-automatic CNC machine tool, the operation method is not easy, but there are certain methods that need to be followed in the operation of WEDM machine tools.

In the numerical control wire cutting machine tool, it is necessary to check whether the switch knob of the machine circuit system has been turned over, and it is also necessary to turn over the AC voltage regulator. After the two operating switches are turned on for five minutes, the negative wire can be used to operate the connection. If one of the two switches is not turned over, the negative wire connection operation cannot be performed.

After all the switch buttons are turned on, we need to pay attention to whether the data on the console is normal. It is important to pay attention to whether the output data of the power supply is stable and whether the digital tube of the ammonia lamp is connected normally. After turning on the machine for about five minutes, we can have a trial run. If all the machines are normal, it can be cut.

When the wire cutting machine is used for cutting, it is necessary to pay attention to adding coolant to the machine, especially when the molybdenum wire contacts the workpiece, it is necessary to check whether the voltage of the high-frequency power supply is normal, and whether the value of the electrohydraulic is zero. 50. This is the precondition to determine whether the machine can complete the cutting operation, if the number of both is the same. The value is abnormal and cutting operation is impossible.

In the cutting operation of the CNC wire cutting machine tool, if there is a machine fault, it is necessary to cut off the high-frequency power supply first, and then analyze the cause of the fault. In the electrical box of the online cutting machine, it should be noted that no objects are allowed to be placed, especially metal objects are not allowed to be displayed in the electrical box. It is prohibited to use wet hands when using wire EDM.