What are the types of CNC wire cutting machine tools?

Time:2020-06-10 07:52:13

CNC wire cutting machine tool is a branch of EDM, which is a process method that directly uses EDM for processing and processing. It mainly uses electrodes to cut metal on various workpieces, so it is called CNC wire cutting machine tool. It is a cutting process that uses digital control to achieve. For the main cutting movement of workpieces, it is all controlled by numbers, and belongs to semi-automatic cutting machine.

What are the types of CNC wire cutting machine tools?

1. CNC wire cutting machine tools can be classified according to the cutting machine tools. One is classified according to the wire speed, which can be divided into the cutting machine tools of slow wire walking test, medium wire walking and high-speed wire walking. As the CNC wire cutting machine tools used by enterprises for processing, they are mainly selected according to the specific production process and the workpieces to be cut.

2. According to the characteristics of machine tool processing, it can also be divided into standard cutting machine tools and various non-standard machine tools, as well as ordinary straight wall cutting machines and taper cutting machines.

3. According to the form of pulse power supply, it can be divided into RC power supply, transistor power supply, grouped pulse power supply and more adaptive control power supply cutting machine tools.