• Matters needing attention in the use of medium wire walking WEDM machine tool
    1. The safety protection devices such as the wire conveying assembly and the workbench cannot be opened during the wire conveying and processing of the medium wire cutting machine tool, and the corresponding protective devices are marked with warning signs to pay attention to safety during use;2. It
  • Wide Market Prospect of CNC Wire Cutting
    The broad market prospect of CNC wire cutting in mechanical processing industryCNC cutting machine is a necessary production equipment for mechanical processing industry. In equipment and equipment manufacturing, it mainly undertakes the early processing of raw materials.There are generally
  • What should be paid attention to during the operation of CNC wire cutting machine?
    What should be paid attention to when operating CNC wire cutting machine tools? Nowadays, various industrial production line cutting machines are common cutting machines. Because of their simple operation, they can meet the requirements of most industrial production by cutting out workpieces. Theref
  • Why does the wire cylinder of medium wire cutting make abnormal noise?
    Recently, we often receive feedback, including new and old users. After using the wire cutting machine for a period of time, the wire cylinder will make abnormal noise and the truth is unknown. So Borregor's technicians found out a lot of reasons, and finally found out why the screw barrel made
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